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Amanda was first exposed to photography at a young age, sitting cross-legged on the living room rug, watching her father’s images of Vietnam and his travels projected on a white sheet. She was moved by the capture of a moment. The worn faces with sun lines and the abstract landscapes became a sort of fever dream of inspiration. 


Line, shape, color and form intrigue her, whether she is creating fine art landscape imagery, documenting the union of two people, or telling a story of suffering and empowerment. Drawn to texture and tone and the way they add depth to an image or another layer to the story being told, Amanda aims to create imagery that is as unique and nuanced as her subject.


Her work often explores the relationship between humans and societal proprieties. With influences as diverse as Nan Golden, Walker Evans and Graciela Iturbide, she is drawn to create images and portraits that encourage the viewer to think more critically about the world around them and how they interact with that world.


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Interested in working together?Send an email or text message and we will contact you.

Tel: 517.505.9466

San Luis Obispo, CA 

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