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The Firecracker Foundation: Soulfire

Soulfire is a community awareness project that shares the diversity of survivor experiences through artistic expression. Local area artists are paired with sexual assault survivors and together they create a work of art that represents the survivor's healing. They have six months to complete the process. Each year the artworks are auctioned off at a fundraising gala event. In 2017, I created a self-portrait piece about my own healing and in 2018 and 2019, I worked with survivors from the community. In 2020, I was on the Soulfire Planning Board, though there has not been another traditional gala event since the pandemic.

Ladyslipper, 2017

Mixed Media

Finding Oz, 2018

Digital Photograph

For this piece, I photographed Laura in a sunflower field to create the mural seen behind her. I installed the mural, then photographed Laura again, in juxtaposition.

Laura with Mural FINAL.2-2.jpg
IMG_1411 2_edited.jpg

Escucha Mi Voz!, 2019

Mixed Media

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